AngularJS is an incredibly popular, full featured Java script backed by Google. It is known to enhance a standard HTML and speed up an application’s responsiveness. A cohesive angular JS offers much more flexibility than basic HTML, letting you create single-page applications and simplify development and testing stages so that you can get your website out faster. In addition to this, AngularJS is extremely extensible and works with a variety of libraries. We all know that Angular JS is a java script framework and frameworks have more power in writing a great application. It also encourages developers to make the code structural, modular and secure. Thus Angular JS development is a promising framework for developers.

AngularJS overcomes the shortcoming of HTML for declaring static documents and extends HTML attributes with Directives which results into an exceptional environment, one which is dynamic, quick and expressive. In the mobile age, it helps to build seamless interaction over all devices resulting into an immersible user experience.

1.Getting started with Angular JS is incredibly easy.

2.Enjoy the benefits of 2 way data binding.

3.Enjoy extended features such as routing, animations, built-in dependency injection and much more.

4.Get access to various kinds of filters like Filter, Currency, json, limitTo, Lowercase, Number, OrderBy, Uppercase, Date etc.

5.Automatic DOM Manipulation.

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